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Installation RTZO

OOO "CHETZ" develops manufacturing NKU control RTZO-88M

Electric box RTZO-88M series are designed for power and control motors up to 28kW stop and control valves, as well as electric power up to 10 kW, auxiliary mechanisms of electrical, thermal and nuclear power stations.

In a series of cabinets includes:

  • electric box input to cater cabinets accession; 
  • motor control unit shut-off and control valves power to 10kW; 
  • control units mechanisms auxiliary power stations to 10kW; 
  • electric box intermediate rows of clamps.

Shield Power comes out of the closet and several cabinets input connections.

Wardrobe is a unified metal casing, which is installed on the horizontal channel bars appropriate equipment.

Supply RTZO carried out:

  • separate wardrobes 
  • electric box designed for acquisition in assembly (shields) 
  • separate units.

We will fulfill all your wishes:

  • calculation of economic efficiency from the introduction of equipment 
  • drafting installation bound to specific conditions Energy 
  • supply, installation and commissioning of equipment 
  • warranty and service