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LLC "CHETZ" produces condensing units for reactive power compensation (UKRM) - high and low voltage.

Why do I need to compensate for reactive power

  • At the present stage of development of domestic energy needs forced approach to energy-saving technologies and the various methods for reducing losses of electric energy, which reduces the need for new power plants and fossil fuels. 
  • One of the main issues addressed at the design stage and operation of commercial power, is the issue of reactive power compensation. Currently increase reactive power consumption exceeds the increase in active power consumption. (The rapid development of lighting systems and advertising, computer equipment, frequency converters, etc.) 
  • Compensate reactive power may synchronous compensators, synchronous motors, cosine capacitor (capacitor banks).

Benefits of using condensing units for reactive power compensation

  • Small unit active power losses (0,005 kW per 1 quarter); 
  • No rotating parts; 
  • Simple installation and operation (no need foundation); 
  • Low investment; 
  • Possibility of selecting any desired power; 
  • Ability to install and connect anywhere on the network; 
  • No noise during operation; 
  • Small operating costs.

Plants provide reducing the load on the transformers current average of 25-30% as a consequence of: 

  • Ensure the rated voltage 
  • Stabilize the nominal voltage 
  • Appears headroom on the transformer (s) to enter the additional production capacity 
  • Reducing peak power load 
  • Lower overall costs for electricity consumed (termination payment for reactive, reduced payment for active about 5-7% due to lower losses on the transformer (s) and supply lines 6/10kV


Brief description of the capacitor bank for reactive power compensation produced by "CHETZ."

Installing UKRM is a closed cabinet with degree of protection IP 31 with mounted therein modules that contain power capacitors firm ZEZ-Silko, fuses and contactors. Posted on the door controller, automatically control steps, depending on pre-set parameters and current state of the system being monitored. Further, in the lower portion of the door mounted miniature fans for forced blowing of the capacitors. Unit is equipped with environmentally friendly capacitors modern design.

Capacitor life - not less than 100, 000 hours (about 12 years). As used specialized switches contactors German and Czech-made constructively with an additional group of contactors, which are installed in the circuit to limit the additional resistance of the charging current of capacitors connected to the projector for some time. Then switches to the main contactors. This is achieved by an increase in service life, both the contactors and capacitors and switching devices of the enterprise.

As the controller is used reactive power "Novar 5", which operates in full automatic mode to optimize the management of reactive power compensation. High accuracy is achieved by calculating the digital input signal processing algorithm FTT. Connection and disconnection of capacitor controller is made so that the optimal ratio of compensation was a single control and minimum number of sections. The controller provides control of the state and at difference stages of a particular stage of the initial state is temporarily excluded from the regulatory process.

The structure includes a relay forced airflow, actuated when the temperature in the installation of more than 35 ° C and voltage detecting system for tire installation.
Has a low weight and dimensions: from 1200h700h350 mm. to 1800h800h450 mm.

Why capacitor banks should be automated:

  • Automatically monitored and adjusted change in load cos (φ); 
  • Excluded generation of reactive power to the mains; 
  • Excluded overvoltage network, since there is no overcompensation; 
  • All parameters are controlled mains; 
  • Controlled operation of all elements of the capacitor bank; 
  • Emergency warning system works attendants; 
  • Works emergency shutdown system condensing unit; 
  • Can connect forced heating or ventilation.

Installation of capacitor bank provide services for setting up and commissioning supervision newly installed equipment produced "CHETZ." At your request we perform training Customer service and maintenance of equipment "CHETZ." Services chief commissioning consider consulting an expert in the case where the customer is upgrading and adjusting their own.

Repair and modernization of condensing units
"CHETZ" provides repair and modernization of existing enterprise customer condensing units. In this service included inspection of equipment to determine faulty components, the selection of new components, to determine the cost of components and repair of equipment, production repair of equipment.
Hardware Upgrades include replacement of obsolete and outdated components and automation of old condensing units with manual control.

Warranty on equipment produced
Condensing units on the production of "CHETZ" 1 year warranty from date of purchase.
Dimensions systems for reactive power compensation


Dimensions (mm)


UKRM-100 kWAr (25*2+50*1)



UKRM-150 kWAr (25*2+50*2)



UKRM-200 kWAr (25*2+50*3)



UKRM-250 kWAr (25*2+50*4)



UKRM-300 kWAr (50*6)



UKRM-350 kWAr (25*2+50*6)



UKRM-400 kWAr (25*2+50*7)



UKRM-500 kWAr (25*2+50*9)



UKRM-600 kWAr(50*12)


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